How to Create a Blog for Your Charity


Not only does developing a blog help you to establish another platform for connecting with interested parties, but it also allows you to increase your SEO efforts. Familiarizing yourself with SEO, short for search engine optimization, is a staple for a modern website owner. When you incorporate a blog, you can move up the list on search engine results pages, and you can create a more favorable presentation of yourself to the public.

Choose a Reputable Platform
Starting a blog isn’t as simple as just writing a bunch of content and releasing it onto the internet. Instead, start your quest by selecting a reputable platform for your blogging. Opting for a platform allows you access to tools and features that can enhance the success of your blog. Proceed with a cautious eye at this point, however. Giving your money to a questionable service can leave you with some serious budget problems. Conduct research on different platforms, and select one that has a positive reputation in the blogging community.

Establish a Writing Stance
If you are only casually interested in starting a blog, you may sporadically put together pieces. However, those who are serious about blogging will assemble a team of writers. You may decide to cull from your current employees, or you might opt to put out an advertisement for new talent. In either case, ensure that the writers are professional and know how to properly employ grammar, syntax, and diction in ways that are compelling to your readers.

Create a Tone
Chances are, you will have different people blogging for you at various points throughout the life of the blog. Infusing different voices helps to keep the content exciting and engaging, but you do want a sense of cohesion among the posts. Sit down with your team of writers to decide what the overall aim here. For example, many companies decide that they want blogs written with a more casual tone. While academic research papers often shun contractions, many blogs welcome them because that is how people speak.

Update Content Regularly
Creating one blog post per day might prove impossible or arduous, especially when you are just starting or have only a small pool of writers. However, you do not want the content to grow stale. Old content does not tend to do well with search engine rankings. Also, people are coming to the blog because they want to read new information. If they see the same posts every time that they visit, they will likely eventually stop coming entirely.

Include Media
Content marketing is huge right now in the world of search engine optimization, and blogging is one avenue for accomplishing that goal, but you also need to incorporate visual media. You may wonder why ranking high in search engines is essential. The main reason is that when people want to support a charity, you want them to find and help you. Incorporating videos and images into your blogs can help to drive more traffic to the site and allow you to help people in need better.

Link to Social Media
Another powerful way to use your blog is to link to social media accounts. For example, maybe your charity recently held an event, and you want to detail it in the blog. Loading the page with too many pictures can slow it down, leading to fewer long-term visitors to your site. Therefore, you can find probably a couple of photos and then direct visitors to check out your social media pages for the rest. Consequently, they will find yet another venue through which they can connect with you.

Platform for Conversation
You do not want your voice to be the only one that has a presence on your blog. Instead, allow people to discuss the topics by opening up the comments section of your blog. Individuals can talk with one another about relevant issues. Make sure that you have a moderator for these comments. You want to ensure that inappropriate language or links do not find a way into the material; therefore, checking the blog comments regularly is necessary.

19Following these steps will allow you to take significant action into the world of blogging and make your presence known. Then, your charity can begin to receive more support, not only from the local community but also from the more global community.