4 Ways To Give Back As A Real Estate Agent

When you’re a real estate agent, it’s vital that you connect with your community. One of the easiest and most beneficial ways to connect with your community is through philanthropic efforts. When you give back, you give your realty company a positive reputation, and you help the community around you. Here are a few ways that real estate agents can give back:

1. Have a food drive in your market area.

If you don’t want to knock on doors to promote your business, you can go door to door for a good cause, such as a food drive. Shannon Brooks, an agent at Engel & Völkers Downtown Minneapolis, does this each fall and spring. She goes around to every home on her farm, dropping off branded grocery bags. She knocks on each door and asks the residents to put any non-perishable food items that they would like to donate to local food shelves. Brooks’ efforts started with plain paper bags, but as the initiative grew, she began to use a branded bag with her name and brand as well as her lender and title partner’s brands.

2. Have a school supply drive.

Heather Cox, an agent at Modern Broker, Visalia, California, decided that a great way to give back would be to hold a school supply drive in her market area. She sent out a brand postcard, which included a list of supplies that needed in the school district. This initiative allowed her to engage with her target audience while promoting an important cause.

3. Collect pet supplies for your local animal shelter.

Heather Cox had so much success with her school supply drive that she decided to host a pet supply drive. Just as schools often run out of supplies, so do pet shelters. During the holidays, it’s common for people to be short of money and challenged to take care of all of their pets’ needs. Cox collected pet supplies for her local SPCA chapter, thus doing her part to help area animals while also getting her company’s name out there.

4. Hold a silent auction where the proceeds go to an organization you care about.

Steve deGuzman, a principal broker at Engel & Völkers Denver South, was one of the first people to do silent auctions for restaurant openings. He has brought that practice to real estate, getting Engel & Völkers to hold a silent auction for the grand opening of their office. The proceeds of this auction went to the Special Olympics, which Engel & Völkers sponsor internationally. They even had two gold medalists from their state attend the event and participate with the ribbon-cutting ceremony. 

Just because you work for a real estate firm rather than a nonprofit organization doesn’t mean you can’t give back. When your business participates in community service, people within the community get to know and trust your business. When you work real estate, that’s pretty important. But even with a positive reputation, your company is likely to earn, the best part about giving back is the rewarding feeling of making the world a better place.